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Friday, December 29, 2006

Metro Don'ts List

This rant is inspired by the 'company' I had last evening on the Metro heading home... Yes, I mean YOU people.

- Keep your shoes on your feet. You aren't at home. You are in public and no one wants to see your dirty, stinky socks resting on the seat in front of you... or anywhere for that matter.

- Do NOT have your music so loud that I can hear your music (if you call it that) over mine... with my headphones... and half a train car between us... No, I shouldn't hear it even if I'm standing within three (3) feet of you. No one wants to listen to some stupid punk singing about how he killed a man for breathing, okay... no one who isn't going to be doing time shortly for stupidity... How'd you like it if Granny was listening to Barry Manilow on her headphones and you were stuck beside her for over an hour? Copa Cabana anyone?

- Do NOT talk so loud to your fellow idiot(s) that I can follow every detail of your boring (or soap opera-esque) life over my music... with my headphones on... and my eardrums crying at the volumn level I have it set to in an effort to overcome the graphic details of how he failed to 'do it' for you last night on the coffee table in your parents' home. We don't care. Shut up. And move out of your parents' house, you loser.

- Do NOT swear. We all had bad days too. We don't need you ranting to your fellow idiot(s) about your crappy day. This isn't "share time", shut it.

- The rules (see "laws") state that eating and/or drinking on the Metro is bad... illegal even. They meant you, jacka$$. Yes, you. No eating covers cookies, leftovers, peanuts, popcorn, chips, etc. And drinking covers all fluids, alcoholic or not. Yes, that means sodas too. So shut your mouth and wait until you get home or at least off the Metro. We don't care to smell your Cat Curry or Nasty Nachos in the crowded car or stand in the puddle of soda you spilled on the floor. Oh, you didn't spill it and that's not your trash you left on the seat or crammed into the gap between the seat and the window? How convenient.

- Cologne & perfume = good. Bathing in it = BAD. No, make that VERY BAD. Spare us. We don't want to be TASTING your d@mned cheap a$$ (or expen$ive a$$) stinky water for hours after walking within three (3) feet of you or someplace that you've been recently. I don't care if you smell like newly minted large denomination money... there is such a thing as restraint, learn some. Think of the $money$ you'll be saving.

- Bathing is NOT optional. Use hot water & soap... often... daily even... You would be surprised at how much easier it is to chat up that hottie on the train after you've dealt with your stench.

- Don't read over my shoulder. It's rude. It's an invasion of my privacy. It could be a security risk. And it could lead to you getting poked in the eye. Yes, I would rustle my (note MY) reading materials right when you are hanging over me like a vulture and hopefully smack you in the face and get really lucky and poke you in the eye. I'm like that. Deal with it and bring something to read, dumba$$.

- Do NOT have a loud phone call while on the train or in the Metro at all.
  1. You can't hear a damn thing
  2. Neither can they
  3. The rest of us, however, hear fine and resent you for deafening us.
  4. Shut up.
  5. Turn off the phone.
  6. No one likes you anyway.
- Do NOT perform PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) while using the Metro. I may throw up and ruin the mood. I mean... do you REALLY think that you two sucking face is CUTE? ::snickers:: Get a room. Buy a clue. You aren't and this isn't the Playboy Channel. Take it somewhere PRIVATE.

- Give an old person a seat when the train is crowded, you stupid shit! They are older than you, far more tired that you and are likely hell and gone politer than you. Plus, you don't wanna be the person that they fall on if the train stops suddenly. You'll smell like 'old person' for hours afterward. Eww... And heaven forbid that they hurt themselves. Metro WILL keep us all there to take statements. That'll ruin your night a lot worse than standing for a few stops. Plus, you'll be reguarded as a "good soul" for being so considerate. So move your a$$ and give 'em that seat! (Especially if it's labeled "for the elderly or physically impaired). And no, being a dumba$$ isn't a physical impairment... it's a cultural/social one and they don't make special seats for your type of problem. If they did, it'd be on TOP of the train. Enjoy the fresh tunnel air but remember to duck those pipes and lights.

- Do NOT run for the train. This ain't an elevator. The doors do not retract (it means pull back) when they strike an object (like your thick head or fat a$$). No, they continue to try and close so the train can get out of the way of the next train. Besides, we don't want your dumba$$ in our car anyway. You loser. Catch the next damn train.

Thus ends my rant for the day. Thank you for reading and probably nodding at a few of these and snarling at others. Hey, no one's perfect but damn... it won't kill us to try to be.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gotta love the small victories

Ah, I spent the better part of a few days trying to figure out why a page that I was working on kept having layering issues, you know... when something overlaps and it shouldn't? Well, I found my answer today, hurray for me!

Now to wrap up the other annoying issues with this client, slap a co-worker to get him to finish a Flash movie CORRECTLY and then bill the client for the job. Woohoo! Money for the New Year. And... another project close to done, client asked for changes.... totally not a part of the original deal, woohoo... more hours... more money... Another project about 50% done, yeah. Another hideous project that went WAY over-budget is slowly trudging toward completion, please be merciful and wrap it up! Plus another long-term project that's in "X to the millionth" edit. Plus more projects waiting for the client to sign the dotted line.... ::faints::

Um... I am going to be getting help, right? Please? ::faints again::

Anyhoos... I'm currently having my poor wee brain trapped in either the Anita-verse (Anita Blake series of books by Laurell K. Hamilton, a good read but after a bit you get sick of Anita becoming more sex-fiendy/more powerful with every book) or in any 'verse' where Craig Parker (Haldir in Lord of the Rings, various persons in Herc & Xena) has been. Help me, he'd make one sex a$$ vampire. ::faints::

Gee, considering the amount of fainting I've been doing, maybe I SHOULD check for bite marks.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Oh, wow.

Oh, wow.

My boss gave my a glass Christmas ornament that was Le Bien, or painted inside. An angel, my weakness. Too cute.

Today, the owner (boss' mom) gave me (for my personal use - not a business tool) a 4G Flash Drive. Woohoo!

Then the boss' girlfriend comes in to visit, I give her a super soft and fuzzy pair of beige gloves and a matching scarf for Christmas... She gives me an iPod Shuffle. ::falls on the floor:: This lady is a CLASS ACT!

::Raina runs off to play with her new toys... nevermind the mountain of work looming above her:: Teehee, wee!

More on the News Front

Last night after I left my office at 6:45pm, I go grab dinner and try to unwind after a Hades day. I get home, get out of the car, grab my bag and... see the message received light flashing prettily in the darkness. Joy.

I decide to get in the home before bothering with it. Put the bag down. Put my leftovers away. Start a load of laundry. Feed the cat and socialize with her a bit. Out of things to do besides listen to it, I punch the code in to hear my message(s). No surprise, it's my boss.

Seems that after I ripped into the coder he was confused and decided to go to church. Yes, I drove someone to seek safety at church. A first!

So after an hour conversation with my boss going over what needs to be done, future plans, etc. I got to sleep. Woohoo.

Walked into a mess when I came in... but that's for another post.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Joys of Work

What kept me from my lovely little corner of blogginess? Work, that vile demon that sucks up a huge chunk of my wake hours, draining me of my joy and energy while making me feel helpless and useless at times. Joygasm.

I have had new projects dumped on me when I had a full-plate of work plus a family-sized side order of work. I was taking work home over the weekend to get it done, spending the weekend in front of a laptop, frantically trying to get it all done.

Then the flu hits because I was stressed and tired... and two guys in the office had it.

So now I'm doing the 'take work home' thing AND I'm sick and having to come into the office instead of resting. Again joygasm.

Today, still hopelessly overwhelmed (but back to 95% of my health) I am struggling to my own work done, plus play cowboy to the unruly other people on two projects we're all working on. (Oh, and they are now late... btw.) So they are wasting my time hunting them down, wasting my time making me repeat the same things over and over again and they still get it wrong. Now I'm another day behind in my work and I found out that we lost a project. A big one with many more lined up behind it.

For the record: I have NEVER lost a project. Ever. Until now.

To top it off, we're on the verge of losing another one. Tonight. Same people involved, they've totally misrepresented how much work they had done, and now I'm trapped in the middle. They (the coder, etc.) keep asking the same damn questions over and over. (They have all the paperwork I do... what am I the ONLY one to read it?) The owner is snarling at me about this and it reflects poorly on me because I can't 'control' the team.

Gads... shoot me now.

I'm not dead, I swear.

Cue the band.
Start the music.
Kiri is alive... recovering from the flu from Hades and seriously reconsidering her employment situation... but alive. Praised be.

I'm swamped at work, so this post will be brief.

I'm alive.

I'm terribly overbooked.

I'm recovering from a nasty flu.

And... did I mention that I'm overbooked?


Will post later! (Hopefully tonight or tomorrow AM.)