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Friday, June 01, 2007

A Brief Sigh of Relief

Spoke with the 'boss' after completing the three forms, seems that my renaming of folders (by his orders to 'break' them so the client couldn't get on as they hadn't - and haven't paid us yet) caused a previously unknown error to pop up. Yes, this was AFTER I changed the folder names back to what they were. So all of the screaming that I "broke the forms" yesterday was bullsh*t. The back-end coder told him so. Thank you! Oh, thank you!

So I finished my testing. First form was fine. Second form kicked a funny message on submission, emailed the message to the boss, he's not worried, it's a 'testing' function that the coder forgot to turn off, no big deal. Ooookay, moving on then. Third form... Three pages to it... first page, done. Second page, done. Third page, found an error (not of my making thankfully), reported it, and still managed to save the final page without error. Yes!

Now I'm running off to verify that ALL of the information was successfully saved to the database. Joy!

Then I'll cruise a few of my favorite spots and see if I can leave afterward. Heck, until I got my money, I leave when I want to... ::snarl::

Another Day in My Very Disturbed Life


Well, today I'm taking a little time to update everyone on what's been happening. My last entry told you of my work tower's unexpected demise. Still hoping that the tech can perform CPR but that will have to wait until there's enough cash to have him do it. The maddening trips from my house to the office to handle simple tasks has finally won the ongoing war with my mother about the need for a connection at the house. As soon as I have some cash, it's a done deal. Finally.

I've mostly been frantically trying to recover my passwords and programs. Lost my Adobe 7 Pro, can't find the CD and can't find the receipt as I tend to stash receipts in the box and use it to store the CD too. Joygasm. Managed to get my copy of WebDrive back, thank you WebDrive Staff. I praise your patience and skills. The worst thing is that I lost the login and passwords for two sites that I do a little freelance work on. GAH! I've been so out of it with the 'will there be work for me to do' stress that I've kept putting off telling them about it. (Gonna have to do that today. ::sigh:: )

ShadowRider kindly offered her support in any job-hunting efforts that I undertake. Such a sweetheart. I hadn't even told her that I'd updated my blog, she caught it on her own. :-) Witchy is... well.. Witchy and has been trying to cheer me up with new pictures of The Empress. I keep drooling over this big, beautiful cat and then I remember the chewing and teething that Witchy goes through with her and decide that my little Georgia is the perfect size... Domestic Short Hair Tabby... My little tigeress.

Well, a testing of some forms we built out requires my attention so I'll leave you now. But remember...

Hoist the Colours, mateys! Arrrr!

Go see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End or I"ll make ye walk the dancing plank.