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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Update

I was taking hand-written notes the other day (Tuesday) during a "bad day"...


Two birthdays today. Huge storm rolling through. It's as black as night outside. Rain & thunder, it fits my mood. I'm still on my probation time. I have two senior women jerking my leash in different dimensions. One is even jerking it in multiple directions all by herself. The big boss is "retiring" at the end of the year. The aforementioned woman jerking my leash is one of his personal assistant. She's using me to update his MAMMOTH contacts & now his "clip book" of his best articles. Joy.

Even if I bust my a$$, I'm not getting the pat on the head... she will. I will do my best. I can't in good conscious do less, but she's given me two full-time tasks. I have other tasks that are full-time or nearly that. Plus I am the receptionist, Officer serving girl, gopher and chief whipping girl.

At the moment I'm waiting for my laptop to finish loading a few new programs. It froze yesterday @ 81% after tying up my laptop for three (3) hours. Now I've just lost about an hour so far and it's 56.87% done. ::sigh::

Had interesting dreams last night. Only remember little bits of it. It was Anita Blake-verse. I was a "were-kitty" and I was given to a new vamp in Jean-Claude's brood. The new vamp was sent in to spy on St. Louis but instead defected and joined up. New vamp was being 'played' by David Tennant. MEOW! 64.1% done.

Took calls. 66.66%

It's going a little faster now. Yes! Hope it finishes before we get any power flickers because of the storm. The occasional flash of lightning is NOT improving my mood. I need to go out in this and fetch the two birthday cakes for my birthday boys. 81.51%

82.94% Slowed down again...

I'm hoping the big order of paper I placed arrives today. But it probably won't get here until tomorrow. That means raiding the emergency stash for a day and a half.

My bonsai is dying. None of the other plants I take care of are dying, just my bonsai. Joy.


Went light on breakfast this morning, am feeling it now. Nibbling on pistachios while I wait.


My group of friend that I hang with on Sundays is thinking about changing games soon to a less 'moody/dark/thought provoking/mystery solving' type to a more traditional hack and slash sort of game. I'm am SO ALL FOR IT! I'm kinda tired of what we have been playing as it's very dark, very stacked against us, and is a no-win situation as best I see it. Something lighter would be good.

Still 85.12%

Crapped out and froze at 85.12% ::sigh:: I didn't want to install one of the programs in the suite (an option supposedly available to me) and when it should have skipped installing that program, it hung and froze. Joy. Two more hours lost!

Noon - Restarting...

Served the birthday cakes! Quattro Leches Cake & Tri-Color Beauty Cake. Tri-Color Beauty Cake was a dark chocolate cake with mocha icing around the side and pastel puffs of icing covering the top in not three but four colors: white, yellow, blue and pink. I guess they didn't count the white as a color. ::blinks in confusion:: The Quattro Leches Cake was a caramelly delicious cake. Yum.

12:36 pm - 37.67%

12:43 pm - 60.64%

1:21 pm - 89.72% Crashed? When?

That's it. No more. I need to try and do some work today. The IT guy will have to try and fix this when he's in on Thursday. Crap!

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