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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It's been forever! So sorry, I've been hidiously swamped at work. Big project that was under control spirled horridly out of control when my contractor basically vanished on me and then popped back up and didn't have any of the work done. Got him to do the work... only he's going slow... I'm fighting with him to make corrections... and he's hit or miss on his due dates. So naturally, we find another person to do that work and send him packing.

Only this person is trying to fix the original guy's mistakes, plus do the next section of work, plus try to explain to us why things are broken so we can help, talk to the client, and redirect resources to help. Basically, a big nasty ball of crap that kept getting worse.

Plus other jobs that I'm working on in the meantime. Oye!

Mommy! I wanna go home!