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Monday, August 11, 2008


It's been a busy couple of weeks. Blood tests came back normal save for one that was high. Orders? Exercise more, watch what you eat. Well, duh.

Then the dermatologist appointment. Went better than I hoped. But I'm on a spray treatment that is so 'aggressive' that I can only use it for four weeks. Really it's for two weeks and your doctor can opt to throw you back on it for two more... he just threw me on it now. It's tiny small bottle of spray. It's one spray per 5" area, rub in. When I'm done, I have to wash it off my hands. Umm... and I'm putting this on my skin? It makes me really sensitive to touch for about an hour or two...

I kept meeping everytime someone touched me yesterday at my friend's house. Eight people around a table... I got bumped a lot. ::whimpers::

But the spray seems to be working. It's only been 6 doses so far and I'm seeing hints of my freckles through the psoriasis. Neat.

Bad news on the work front... I lost an ally. The great "B"mer (sounds like Beamer) took a Friday & Monday off to do this wonderful community service/big brother sort of thing and when he came back they told him he could leave. I mean "WTF?" No warning just 'here's the door'. I didn't even know what happened until later. I was waiting for him to get done with whatever he was doing so he could help me with a project and his former-co-worker (hippie-witch) happily told me he'd been let go. Then dumped more work on me and lectured me and walked off.

I'm totally swamped, she has unreasonable demands, and she's a bitch. Yes, she is. Funny how a girlfriend of hers from a previous job comes to visit earlier in the week. "B"mer goes on his two day thing. "B"mer is let go. Her girlfriend comes in the VERY NEXT DAY to start her NEW JOB. I'm seriously pulling a WTF here! I smell set-up.

Since "B"mer has left, I've had three run-ins with the hippie-witch. She's seriously out to get me fired too I think. Trying hard NOT to think negative thoughts about her... but she just doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but herself. ::sigh::

Wah! I want "B"mer back!

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