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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time for an update

Well, the long pause in posting is partially due to the silence echoing from the other end of cyberspace that Witchy occupies, but to be fair to her it's also due to work and sickness. Sickness is a new thing, knocked me on my tushie Sunday night and I've been fighting it since then... it's Wednesday folks. Ugh.

Last night was a particularly bad night as I lay tossing and turning on sweat-moistened sheets, the music playing doing little to ease my sickness or my heavy heart. My beloved Duran Duran was playing a brief hour drive away from my home and I was here... listening to them serenading me via CD. It's not the same.

Not by a long shot... Simon bouncing around stage engaging and still gorgeous. Nick swaying behind his beloved synth, pout in place. Roger rocking behind his drum set, keeping the beat and jacking up heartbeats all over the stadium. John 'playing that fucking bass' still a moody and charming rogue after all these years. I'll give Dom a polite nod here not having a lot of experience with him yet. The concert, although I hate Merriweather Post, must have been great.

I remember hanging out with friends by where the buses park, acting like a total idiot right along side my friends over this band or that. Honestly, Duran Duran is THE band that I've been waiting to see. Again... I miss them. This sucks.

Anyway, I am trying to fight through the total lack of strength this cold has rendered me down to and try to get some work done. Bleh.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Five Guys" for lunch today

For those of you not lucky enough to have one of these near you, Five Guys is a burger joint. Handmade patties, never frozen, all beef. Lovely fresh buttery buns lightly toasted on the grill. All the toppings you can shake a stick it or none or some if you so chose. And the FRIES! The yummy peanut-oil cooked fries... or chips for the Brits reading.

Okay, until today I had turned my nose up at the idea of eating fries/chips with malt vinegar. I don't know why. It just seemed wrong. Silly me was grabbing a container for ketchup and caught a whiff of the malt vinegar sitting beside the ketchup and I had to try a little. I don't know why, I just did.

Not bad. Really nice in fact. Less overpowering than ketchup and not too sweet. Nice. Mind you, I still like ketchup with my fries/chips, but this is good stuff. I apologize for my previous silly thoughts about malt vinegar on fries/chips.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heard from the Doctor's Office

Well, Mom had a doctor's appointment yesterday. They told her that she wasn't diabetics yet but if she didn't start making some changes she would be soon. So she's got to go to a few classes to learn what changes she needs to make. I've pledged my total support to this. We'll both eat healthier. We'll both get out and walk more. I am trying to figure out how we can get an exercise machine into the house. Something low-impact that will be able to grow with us. We'll see.

But the good news is that I still have my mommy and that we BOTH are going to be taking better care of ourselves.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man, Roses and Mondays at the office

Saw Iron Man on Satruday, paid my part of the $100 million it raked in on it's opening weekend. Wahoo! Robert Downey Jr. did a great job! Sell it baby! Sell it! I'm buyin'.

Went up to visit the sister-type person, we went together to see it, she loved the rose from my garden.

Sunday was fun, slept late, clipped a half a dozen red roses off the bush, clipped a single lovely yellow rose off that bush, and went to hang out with Maria and Keith at their place. Maria loves roses and really wants to grow her own. I'm hoping that Keith will see how lovely and productive healthy bushes can be and will relent on his 'no roses' policy.

One day later (this morning) another 4 red roses were ready to clip and another yellow one. Actually more are ready but I wanted to leave some on the bushes. Mind you, I casually counted another 10 buds preparing to open on the red and 7 on the yellow. I love my roses!!!!

I'm glad that I had a nice weekend because today is promising to be a hectic day. I walk in after stopping at the store to buy sodas to go with the company-sponsored lunch today. Oye! Five cases. I got in, made coffee, made tea, emptied the dishwasher, and settled down to get to work. Co-worker "Big Jim" walks up and reminds me that we have another 'in-house' group tonight. Lovely, there goes my day. Morning... prepare for company lunch. Before noon... run to the local place catering lunch and pick up the order and then set it all up in the conference room. Early afternoon... clean up after lunch and start the room preparations. Late afternoon... print any necessary forms for the group. Write up names tags for participants. Prepare clipboards for participants. Evening... set up food and drinks for group. Set up the other food and drink for the 'clients' sponsoring the group.

Tomorrow? I get to clean up after all of this. ::faints:: Oh, and Mom has a doctor's appointment today. She went last week to do the pee in the cup stuff and they called her back shortly thereafter and told her to come in today. Naturally, we are worried. I'm hoping for news that's not too frightening. Just a medication dose change or something. I'm hoping.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

More Roses

Yep, one night and three more lovely red roses were begging to come to the office with me. They are now happily brightening the offices of a few co-workers I missed yesterday.

Come Monday I expect to be able to almost finish off "rosing" the office. I've still got 10 people to go... maybe 9, someone is leaving us so it's a gamble to see if I have a rose for him before his last night. I'll miss him, he's a big, loud teddy bear sort of guy with an amazing way with words.

On a work note: I had to record an interview today. Got the recording device from Media, knew how to use it. Tested it. Erased my test. Set it up and let the guy doing part of the interview handle it.

I've had to create and print a Fedex label (right now!), print and hole punch and place a large print job in a binder (right now!), pay for and hand out the lunch order that just arrived (right now!), the run back and forth to the server room to fiddle with some cables for the tech who isn't in the office today (right now!) and the guy doing the interview comes dashing out of his office because the recorder is making a funny noise. Great. So I dash in, it's counting down... cr@p, it's memory is full. The guy goes dashing to Media for another recorder or help at least. Meantime, the other interviewer doesn't know anything is wrong and is still going on with the interview. Finally, Media guy appears and erases several old recordings. We have room! We restart. (We wind up missing about 4 minutes total.)

I'll check sh#t for the time we missed, but there was supposed to be a recording going on there side as well. I'll hopefully catch the missed time when we get their copy of the interview. Hopefully. ::sigh::

Is it time to go home yet?

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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Well, Sunday was the first day that I noticed that my rose bushes are starting to bloom. The pink bush bloomed first and yielded the first clip worthy bloom. I took it to Maria's after my mother and I admired it. Maria loved it but spent a good bit of time laminating that her husband won't let her grow roses in 'their' yard. So I tried to convince him that they are low maintenance bushes, which they can be. He's still not budging. ::grrrrr::

Today, I noticed several of my red roses were clippable. The boys and girls at the office have been given the results. Two pink ones and five red ones. The yellow bush is blooming slower, but it has the absolute best blossoms. The first one has been slowly opening facing my mother's bedroom window. I've promised her that I won't clip that one. :-)

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Boys and Their Toys

One of the boys in my office left his keys on his desk today. As I was walking past, I noticed them and laughed. His key chain... it's part of a seatbelt buckle, the part you plug in... not the part you plug it into.

I have to imagine that it's from his first car. He wouldn't answer when I asked about it. LOL