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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Goodness, I found my secret lair again.

Who knew that I'd fumble my way back to my lost lair? Not me.

Update since I've been out of touch for so long... around mid-November 2008 my company let five of us go. Yep, one of the luck yones was me. ::sigh:: I went back to temping, only no assignments were available. Joy. February 1st I got a call from an old friend at the company, she was still there and needed "3 or so days help" would I be interested. Um, heck yes.

3 days or so turned into my being told to leave in mid-June 2009 after the President threw a hissy-fit and basically told her that if she had all this time to argue with him about how he's running the financial side of things, she had time to do more work and didn't need my help. His last mistake, she left the company shortly after me. Idiot man.

He hired a company to take over accounting for his company in Texas and we were in Virginia & New York. They were to take over on January 1st. When I left in mid-June, they STILL hadn't taken over. The only bills paid on time were theirs. But far be it for him to admit he was wrong. No, he stuck with them. They cost him a LOT of money. I don't even know how bad it got, but I drive by the old office and all the blinds are down with a 'for lease' sign on the floor. Hope he didn't bankrupt the company.

Anyway, I'll be posting again as regularly as possible. If nothing else to provide an outlet for my latest favorites and my efforts to stay sane as I continue to try to find a new 'permenent' job and stop temping. Can't handle the uncertainity of a paycheck when I'm half responsible for the rent, utilities and endless expenses.

Anyone know of a Sugar Daddy who likes fat chicks? LOL

Monday, August 11, 2008


It's been a busy couple of weeks. Blood tests came back normal save for one that was high. Orders? Exercise more, watch what you eat. Well, duh.

Then the dermatologist appointment. Went better than I hoped. But I'm on a spray treatment that is so 'aggressive' that I can only use it for four weeks. Really it's for two weeks and your doctor can opt to throw you back on it for two more... he just threw me on it now. It's tiny small bottle of spray. It's one spray per 5" area, rub in. When I'm done, I have to wash it off my hands. Umm... and I'm putting this on my skin? It makes me really sensitive to touch for about an hour or two...

I kept meeping everytime someone touched me yesterday at my friend's house. Eight people around a table... I got bumped a lot. ::whimpers::

But the spray seems to be working. It's only been 6 doses so far and I'm seeing hints of my freckles through the psoriasis. Neat.

Bad news on the work front... I lost an ally. The great "B"mer (sounds like Beamer) took a Friday & Monday off to do this wonderful community service/big brother sort of thing and when he came back they told him he could leave. I mean "WTF?" No warning just 'here's the door'. I didn't even know what happened until later. I was waiting for him to get done with whatever he was doing so he could help me with a project and his former-co-worker (hippie-witch) happily told me he'd been let go. Then dumped more work on me and lectured me and walked off.

I'm totally swamped, she has unreasonable demands, and she's a bitch. Yes, she is. Funny how a girlfriend of hers from a previous job comes to visit earlier in the week. "B"mer goes on his two day thing. "B"mer is let go. Her girlfriend comes in the VERY NEXT DAY to start her NEW JOB. I'm seriously pulling a WTF here! I smell set-up.

Since "B"mer has left, I've had three run-ins with the hippie-witch. She's seriously out to get me fired too I think. Trying hard NOT to think negative thoughts about her... but she just doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but herself. ::sigh::

Wah! I want "B"mer back!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Turn of Events

So now that I've posted that massive 'how crappy my Tuesday was' post. I figured I'd let you chuckle about the fact that today's birthday boy (yes, three in one week) took today off! It was on the 'public calendar' here at the office, but I didn't notice. He's due in tomorrow, so I need to see if the bakery will let me grab the cake tomorrow. ::sigh::

Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. It's the whole "hi, nice to meeting you. Yes, draw blood, you vampire." kind of appointment. I'm hunting for a new primary care doctor, female. She came highly recommended. I'll see if I like her tomorrow. In two weeks, I have another appointment with a specialist. That's the meeting that I am REALLY interested in. That one needs to go well.

So how about Friday's Doctor Who? Donna is mega-important? Really? K. Color me perplexed.


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Another Update

I was taking hand-written notes the other day (Tuesday) during a "bad day"...


Two birthdays today. Huge storm rolling through. It's as black as night outside. Rain & thunder, it fits my mood. I'm still on my probation time. I have two senior women jerking my leash in different dimensions. One is even jerking it in multiple directions all by herself. The big boss is "retiring" at the end of the year. The aforementioned woman jerking my leash is one of his personal assistant. She's using me to update his MAMMOTH contacts & now his "clip book" of his best articles. Joy.

Even if I bust my a$$, I'm not getting the pat on the head... she will. I will do my best. I can't in good conscious do less, but she's given me two full-time tasks. I have other tasks that are full-time or nearly that. Plus I am the receptionist, Officer serving girl, gopher and chief whipping girl.

At the moment I'm waiting for my laptop to finish loading a few new programs. It froze yesterday @ 81% after tying up my laptop for three (3) hours. Now I've just lost about an hour so far and it's 56.87% done. ::sigh::

Had interesting dreams last night. Only remember little bits of it. It was Anita Blake-verse. I was a "were-kitty" and I was given to a new vamp in Jean-Claude's brood. The new vamp was sent in to spy on St. Louis but instead defected and joined up. New vamp was being 'played' by David Tennant. MEOW! 64.1% done.

Took calls. 66.66%

It's going a little faster now. Yes! Hope it finishes before we get any power flickers because of the storm. The occasional flash of lightning is NOT improving my mood. I need to go out in this and fetch the two birthday cakes for my birthday boys. 81.51%

82.94% Slowed down again...

I'm hoping the big order of paper I placed arrives today. But it probably won't get here until tomorrow. That means raiding the emergency stash for a day and a half.

My bonsai is dying. None of the other plants I take care of are dying, just my bonsai. Joy.


Went light on breakfast this morning, am feeling it now. Nibbling on pistachios while I wait.


My group of friend that I hang with on Sundays is thinking about changing games soon to a less 'moody/dark/thought provoking/mystery solving' type to a more traditional hack and slash sort of game. I'm am SO ALL FOR IT! I'm kinda tired of what we have been playing as it's very dark, very stacked against us, and is a no-win situation as best I see it. Something lighter would be good.

Still 85.12%

Crapped out and froze at 85.12% ::sigh:: I didn't want to install one of the programs in the suite (an option supposedly available to me) and when it should have skipped installing that program, it hung and froze. Joy. Two more hours lost!

Noon - Restarting...

Served the birthday cakes! Quattro Leches Cake & Tri-Color Beauty Cake. Tri-Color Beauty Cake was a dark chocolate cake with mocha icing around the side and pastel puffs of icing covering the top in not three but four colors: white, yellow, blue and pink. I guess they didn't count the white as a color. ::blinks in confusion:: The Quattro Leches Cake was a caramelly delicious cake. Yum.

12:36 pm - 37.67%

12:43 pm - 60.64%

1:21 pm - 89.72% Crashed? When?

That's it. No more. I need to try and do some work today. The IT guy will have to try and fix this when he's in on Thursday. Crap!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

An Update

Well, a few very chaotic weeks are coming to an end. The Big Boss' annual party is nearly upon us. The calls have been made. The plans laid. The food and drinks ordered. The interns hired/arranged to play wait staff.

I've spent all day: fixing a few titles and company listings for the invited big wigs; denoting who his 'biggest' of the big wigs are on the tracking sheets we are using so he can see how many of his 'special people' elected to come to his party or even bothered to reply; ordered two birthday cakes for the office (one for tomorrow - chocolate ganache cake & one for next week - Quatro Leches cake); getting aproval for the company lunch tomorrow; and... answering the bloody phone. Plus, I need to finish placing the lunch order and then get back to what I was supposed to be doing today. Oye! Who has time for lunch? Not me? (Phone rang. Lost three minutes running around trying to solve issue.)

(Phone rang.) AYE!

Anyway, my Saturday vanished in a sleep-coma kinda day. I think I was awake for all of eight (8) hours... total... I would like to think that I was fighting off a cold or something. But it was likely stress. ::sigh::

Found out that my CFO has pneumonia. I'm wondering if I wasn't fighting off a case?

Today's lunch is... (stops to stir the bowl)... cold chicken flavored Ramon noodles, pistachios and Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero. Tomorrow's lunch is catered by the company in a strange switching of our company meeting days. It's not often that the 'Big Boss' is in town, let alone interested in participating in our company-wide weekly phone meetings. (Phone rang. Turned into four calls, I got three of them and the interns managed to answer one between the 3 of them.) Heaven forbid they stoop to answer the phone. ::sigh::

Anyway... Sunday was a lot of fun. The whole gang managed to show up (some stumbling in much later than the rest of us) for a day of chaos and merriment. Only thing missing was me being ridiculed for my pathetic skills on Oblivion or being a crushing victor against half the house in various games and a total victim to the other half. Geeks, gotta love us.

I need to catch up on my Dr. Who and Torchwood. I've been brain-dead in the evenings that I keep forgetting when it's on. Wah! I needs me some 'doctorin'. ::snickers::

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nearly a month has passed...

Nearly a month has passed since my last blog update. I could go into a huge list of reasons why but basically it all boils down to life biting my ass... as usual.

The new thing was 'the talk' at my office. Yes, I was given a 'improve in 30 days' talk. I'd like to say that I think that it was not totally uncalled for. But I do think they were excessive on some points. Never the matter, I have done several things in the last few weeks since the meeting to 'improve' my performance.

  • My desk was moved away from the young, college-age, impressionable interns, who it seems I have been chatting with too much and interfering with their training.
    I call bullshit on this one. They don't talk to me that much. They chat and gossip and goof off all around me without including me. Including massive conversations on IMs. If anyone is distracted, it's me.

  • My desk is now up at the front desk. Joy, joy. I am the first person you see when you enter my office. I get to greet guys, redirect the lost persons who stumble into our office, sign for every package that comes in, sort the mail, deliver the mail, keep my desk spotless (while working) and make sure the lobby is tidy... Shoot me.
    It's my fault. It's the only free seat that isn't in a private office and I don't get one of those... don't ask... don't think about it.

  • I have to get back to cleaning the kitchen, breakroom, supply room, printer stations, etc.

  • I have to better track supplies and the purchases of them.

  • I have to monitor other departments and offices to make sure they stay in budget.

  • I need to learn not to 'share' in conversations happening around me. I'm not college educated so no one expects me to know everything... so say nothing. Bad information/input is worse than no input.

  • I have to answer the phones the 'company' way. "Good morning/afternoon/evening. <>. This is Kiri. How can I help you?" Every time, all the time. Which is fine here at the front desk where I can hear myself think. I screwed it up all the time in intern alley from the raw noise. Typically, I'd forget to say my name. ::sigh::

Basically, shut up and be the slave we hired. Nice, eh?

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Monday, June 16, 2008

An Overdue Update

Hi all,

Another belated post... You'd think I'd keep better records on my pathetic life. ::snickers:: I've been busy with work, friends, webcomics I am addicted to, and trying to stay cool in the horrid heat wave we had.

Yep, big MASSIVE early summer storm rolls through. Reported tornadoes, huge number of people without power, blah, blah, blah. Er... I get home to a dark house... my laptop dead... my cat freaking out... and the food in my refrigerator slowly going bad. Joy. One hot stuffy night of poor sleep finds... a dark morning without power... Luckily my water is gas heated so I did have a hot shower in the dim morning light that was creeping into the bathroom. Managed to get to work on time too. Thankfully, the power came back on before I got home. My laptop wasn't damaged but I lost everything in the refrigerator. Oh, the freezer stuff made it!

Basically, since then I've been twitching at every storm that passes through.

Oh, short post. Gotta set up lunch.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time for an update

Well, the long pause in posting is partially due to the silence echoing from the other end of cyberspace that Witchy occupies, but to be fair to her it's also due to work and sickness. Sickness is a new thing, knocked me on my tushie Sunday night and I've been fighting it since then... it's Wednesday folks. Ugh.

Last night was a particularly bad night as I lay tossing and turning on sweat-moistened sheets, the music playing doing little to ease my sickness or my heavy heart. My beloved Duran Duran was playing a brief hour drive away from my home and I was here... listening to them serenading me via CD. It's not the same.

Not by a long shot... Simon bouncing around stage engaging and still gorgeous. Nick swaying behind his beloved synth, pout in place. Roger rocking behind his drum set, keeping the beat and jacking up heartbeats all over the stadium. John 'playing that fucking bass' still a moody and charming rogue after all these years. I'll give Dom a polite nod here not having a lot of experience with him yet. The concert, although I hate Merriweather Post, must have been great.

I remember hanging out with friends by where the buses park, acting like a total idiot right along side my friends over this band or that. Honestly, Duran Duran is THE band that I've been waiting to see. Again... I miss them. This sucks.

Anyway, I am trying to fight through the total lack of strength this cold has rendered me down to and try to get some work done. Bleh.

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