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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I spent my Sunday at the Maryland RennFest. Woo-hoo!

I came to the festivities with the 'Mominators', my mother & a friend's mom. Neither woman expected/wanted to remain at the RennFest all day so they opted to go together and let the 'kiddies' go by themselves since they wanted to stay all day and get drunk-ified. Not me. Not an all-day kinda person (yet) and not the sort to get drunk. (I'm too fond of living and alcohol could throw me into a serious allergic reaction.) Joygasm, eh?

So the Moms and I arrive shortly after the kiddies... by kiddies I mean a married woman, her charming husband and a dear friend of ours. We are in line buying our tickets when they call to find out where we were. Seems that rather than wait for me, they went off to buy "Mary" a corset without me. ::pouts:: Ah, screw 'em. So we get inside and the Moms sit down on the first thing they see. We call the kiddies. They (long-time visitors of this glorious event) have the whole place fairly well committed to memory so they go "oh we're by 'blah'" and we're left going "WTF?"

We find them. Mary looks lovely. Mary's husband "Kenneth" looks smashing in his doublet and hat and breeches.... Nice rump of that boy. And our friend "Jeremy" looks... sort of peasanty/gothy. Don't get me wrong, he looked good... and comfy. Moms sit again. ::Raina starts to see a pattern forming here:: I hate to shop alone, I love another person's opinion of things. To talk over a potential purchase with someone who doesn't stand to get a commission off of it, y'know? Well, that's not happening with Mary. She's not the sort. She's here to enjoy herself and that doesn't include first-time sitting a friend. Joy.

So we're hit and miss for about 30 minutes to an hour, I'm being very generous, and they split to go find a bar. In this time, I've bought a hair pin, brass, gold and silver...

Pretty, eh? I'm wearing it right now. :-D

Oh, and I had bought a black leather belt embossed with acorns over celtic knotwork, a huge silver celtic cross belt buckle and a brown (couldn't find it in black) leather pouch for the belt. I was in a clothing store when they took off after a new person joined the group "Chuck", a past acquiantance, not upset that I missed him personally....

After they left, I bought a black linen shirt... it's so comfy. Picked up a silver heart necklace with a celtic pattern too.

Then I went off to find a cloak... found a walking stick first... taller than I am by a few inches and it's black. Then I found my cloak. Dark green, lined, double hood... the second larger hood lays flat against my back, it's lovely ivy pattern drawing attention.

Lastly, I bought new shoes. My shoes are black but you can see the pattern nicely in this picture of a maroon pair.

Yes, I saw a first of the acts too. The sword swallower... poor guy. A few of the musicians playing. The mimes. Various actors in costume. It was nice. Too hot with the cloak on, but nice.