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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Goodness, I found my secret lair again.

Who knew that I'd fumble my way back to my lost lair? Not me.

Update since I've been out of touch for so long... around mid-November 2008 my company let five of us go. Yep, one of the luck yones was me. ::sigh:: I went back to temping, only no assignments were available. Joy. February 1st I got a call from an old friend at the company, she was still there and needed "3 or so days help" would I be interested. Um, heck yes.

3 days or so turned into my being told to leave in mid-June 2009 after the President threw a hissy-fit and basically told her that if she had all this time to argue with him about how he's running the financial side of things, she had time to do more work and didn't need my help. His last mistake, she left the company shortly after me. Idiot man.

He hired a company to take over accounting for his company in Texas and we were in Virginia & New York. They were to take over on January 1st. When I left in mid-June, they STILL hadn't taken over. The only bills paid on time were theirs. But far be it for him to admit he was wrong. No, he stuck with them. They cost him a LOT of money. I don't even know how bad it got, but I drive by the old office and all the blinds are down with a 'for lease' sign on the floor. Hope he didn't bankrupt the company.

Anyway, I'll be posting again as regularly as possible. If nothing else to provide an outlet for my latest favorites and my efforts to stay sane as I continue to try to find a new 'permenent' job and stop temping. Can't handle the uncertainity of a paycheck when I'm half responsible for the rent, utilities and endless expenses.

Anyone know of a Sugar Daddy who likes fat chicks? LOL