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Monday, July 14, 2008

An Update

Well, a few very chaotic weeks are coming to an end. The Big Boss' annual party is nearly upon us. The calls have been made. The plans laid. The food and drinks ordered. The interns hired/arranged to play wait staff.

I've spent all day: fixing a few titles and company listings for the invited big wigs; denoting who his 'biggest' of the big wigs are on the tracking sheets we are using so he can see how many of his 'special people' elected to come to his party or even bothered to reply; ordered two birthday cakes for the office (one for tomorrow - chocolate ganache cake & one for next week - Quatro Leches cake); getting aproval for the company lunch tomorrow; and... answering the bloody phone. Plus, I need to finish placing the lunch order and then get back to what I was supposed to be doing today. Oye! Who has time for lunch? Not me? (Phone rang. Lost three minutes running around trying to solve issue.)

(Phone rang.) AYE!

Anyway, my Saturday vanished in a sleep-coma kinda day. I think I was awake for all of eight (8) hours... total... I would like to think that I was fighting off a cold or something. But it was likely stress. ::sigh::

Found out that my CFO has pneumonia. I'm wondering if I wasn't fighting off a case?

Today's lunch is... (stops to stir the bowl)... cold chicken flavored Ramon noodles, pistachios and Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero. Tomorrow's lunch is catered by the company in a strange switching of our company meeting days. It's not often that the 'Big Boss' is in town, let alone interested in participating in our company-wide weekly phone meetings. (Phone rang. Turned into four calls, I got three of them and the interns managed to answer one between the 3 of them.) Heaven forbid they stoop to answer the phone. ::sigh::

Anyway... Sunday was a lot of fun. The whole gang managed to show up (some stumbling in much later than the rest of us) for a day of chaos and merriment. Only thing missing was me being ridiculed for my pathetic skills on Oblivion or being a crushing victor against half the house in various games and a total victim to the other half. Geeks, gotta love us.

I need to catch up on my Dr. Who and Torchwood. I've been brain-dead in the evenings that I keep forgetting when it's on. Wah! I needs me some 'doctorin'. ::snickers::

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Blogger NorthWitch said...

Not to mention my sister dropping another workload into your lap...

Yep, she of the-legs-that-goes-on forever have been crushing on my lovely avatar, and wants one for herself... A twisted version, that is. S&M my mitka!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Raina Nathair said...

So Barbie-pink and lace? Lots of sugar dripping from the frame?


10:33 AM  
Blogger NorthWitch said...

Only if you plan to use it yourself, or so she says... ;o)

11:50 AM  

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